midwest85 (midwest85) wrote in historygrads,

area studies vs. history

i'm interested in getting a degree in middle eastern studies (focusing in middle eastern history) but i've been told that i should just get a history degree instead and focus in middle eastern history. im aware that in the future (if i should attempt to apply for a tt position in history dept), it might be very difficult for me get accepted. but what do you all think? my former professor stated that the training in history is the most rigorous and thorough than any other area. (with some bias, of course) but i'd also like tog et my degree within 5 years or less. and a phd in history (as we all know) can also add up to 8-10 years (depending on area of study ... and in my case, middle eastern study can take up to 8+ years) please tell me what you think. thanks!
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